What is an OPTIMA Program?

The OPTIMA Program is a highly specialized, tailored and intimate cross between a seminar, coaching session, unlearning session, interactive pr, cess and expansion exercise.  The system is comprised of fifteen standard Modules that are put together into a customized, three-day intensive session or sessions.  The combination is unique to the individual depending on your situation.  Pre-session email or phone coaching, post-session implementation support and coaching, plus integration time make the Program extremely effective.

The number of sessions required to graduate from the Optima Program varies from individual to individual.  Several of the Modules may require more than one session in order to complete that piece.  For example, if a person has had long-term financial difficulties, they may require multiple three-day sessions to complete this area alone.

The process begins by identifying which OPTIMA Zone your major areas of life are in today, and how you want these areas to look in 12 months time.  Then a unique, customized Program is designed that identifies which one area will give you the most improvement in the shortest period of time and the process begins to move you up the Zones area by area. 

Because it is a system, results are predictable and relatively consistent.

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