Tap the Power of Group-Genius to Solve Problems, Unleash Your Full Potential, and Transform Your Results!

The OPTIMA Program is a highly specialized, tailored, and intimate mashup between a seminar, group coaching session, unlearning process, and expansion exercise.

Utilizing Comprehensive Design Science, the goal is to live, work, and maintain your life, career, and business in the Greenzone, Bluezone, and magical Goldzone.

The system includes 15 Modules that are put together into customized, two or three-day intensive group-genius sessions, follow-up implementation support, augmented with one-on-one coaching.

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The key to rapid learning is to; learn, unlearn, and relearn. Most people focus on learning and struggle to apply it because old ideas and information conflict with the new. We explore what you know that isn't accurate or no longer serves you, then systematically unlearn it before adding new information. This process ensures new information becomes actionable knowledge that produces immediate, tangible, and measurable results!

Improve Your Quality of Life!

Starting today, you can transform your quality of life. The OPTIMA Program is a formal system to design and live your ideal life in all areas without compromising one area for another. You will master tools and methods to enhance your Lifeforce and improve your quality of life, effectiveness, and results.

The program uses Comprehensive Design Science to imagine and create an ideal scene aligned with the generalized principles of nature. As a result, your ideal scene can be realized in less time, with less effort. This is the fastest and most direct route to identify and recover areas where your Lifeforce is trapped, and you live less than optimum.

The system comprises Fifteen Modules that are put together into customized, 2-day or 3-day intensive session or multiple sessions. The combination is unique to the individual, depending on your situation.

The program is a highly specialized, tailored, and intimate cross between a seminar, coaching, unlearning, interactive process, and expansion exercise. Your program includes pre-session questionnaires, alignment, post-session implementation support, and support, plus integration time.

The number of sessions required to graduate from the OPTIMA Program varies from individual to individual. Several Modules may need more than one session to complete that piece. For example, if a person has had long-term financial challenges, they may require multiple three-day sessions to attain mastery over their finances.

What is the process?

The process begins by identifying which OPTIMA Zone your significant areas of life are in today and how you want these areas to look in one year to five years' time. Then together, we create a unique, customized program that identifies which area will give you the most improvement in the shortest time, and the process begins to move you up the Zones area by area.

Systematic, step-by-step ensures your results are predictable and relatively consistent.

How does each module work?

Each three-day session is conducted virtually or in person in a resort environment, either one-on-one or as part of a small group. The process is intimate, interactive, and experiential. The three days are a unique journey utilizing music, movement, exercises, and dynamic inquiry to identify and release areas of trapped Lifeforce, including non-optimum situations, limiting belief systems, upsets, and unsolvable problems.

The Fifteen Modules Include:

MODULE 1: Zone Analysis

Your program begins by identifying which OPTIMA Zones your significant areas of life are in.

Moving up the OPTIMA Zones is impossible if you have an inaccurate perception of where you are, to begin with.  For example, if you are reading a map and you are at point A and looking for the fastest and safest route to get to point B, you cannot locate the best route unless you know for sure where point A is, to begin with.

MODULE 2: Present Time Problems

The next step is to identify any Present Time Problems (also called unsolvable problems.) These take up some or a lot of your "thought time" and can pinpoint where you are and where you have stuck Lifeforce. They are also indicators of inaccurate knowledge and definitions of words and terms in the area of the problem. These inaccuracies lead to fixed ideas and distorted perceptions of reality.

Present Time Problems can include but are not limited to; problems at work, family, relationships, money, health, sexuality, and communication.

You will develop a comprehensive plan for the recovery and enhancement of Lifeforce in all areas. Present Time Problems are solved, and the results include an immediate upgrade to your current level on the OPTIMA Zones.

MODULE 3: Failed Goals and Paradigm Crashes

Have you ever set a goal and failed to achieve it? Did you continue until you succeeded, or did you abandon it?

A failed goal is a goal you set, attempt to achieve, fail and then give up on the goal as a total failure. When you set a goal or a series of goals, you invest your Lifeforce, hopes, dreams, aspirations, time, money, and energy in attaining the goal.

If you abandon a goal without consciously releasing the invested Lifeforce and determining the truth about the failure, your Lifeforce and ability remain stuck in the failed goal and unavailable for future goals.

A series of failed goals often leads to a Paradigm Crash (a paradigm is a model or success formula for how your life works), where you embark on a downward spiral of failure in one area after another.

You will recover trapped Lifeforce, knowledge, awareness, confidence, and ability from failed goals and paradigm crashes.

MODULE 4: Plots, Games, and Identities

The story of your life reads like the plot of a novel. Roles, identities, games, situations, and events are interrelated and dependent on each other. When reading the plot of your life, many episodes repeat the same scenarios with different characters, places, and times.

For example, suppose you had a domineering and critical father. In that case, you may find yourself working for a domineering and critical boss, so you resign and get a new job with a boss that looks different, only to discover that this new boss is domineering and critical too!

Your part in the plot comprises your responses, emotional reactions, interpretations, decisions, and communication. As a result of these episodes, we unconsciously adopt other people's winning games, identities, and roles to cope, survive and succeed. However, this solution doesn't work long term if we desire to be at cause over our life.

You will see the patterns and repeated scenarios in your life, get the lessons, learn new ways to respond, and choose different games and identities for the future.

MODULE 5: Relationships, Partnerships, and Team

Your relationships include all areas of your life. Your primary partner (spouse,) colleagues, family, friends, associates, clients, team members, suppliers, advisors, subordinates, and superiors are all relationships.

All your relationships reflect your innermost thoughts, feelings, insecurities, and beliefs. Many of us don't like the reflection, so we embark on a revolving door philosophy of changing the other person, or we stay in relationships that don't fulfill or satisfy us.

The critical elements of successful relationships are; connection, intimacy, affinity, shared reality, and communication.

You will reinvent yourself and how you relate to others. Any of your current relationships can facilitate the process of unwinding your relationship plots. You will learn to successfully master the key elements of relationships.

MODULE 6: Sexual Clean Slate

Sex and sexuality are perhaps the most misunderstood and neglected areas of life. Our sexual role models are often limited to parents, siblings, and what we see in the media and television. This minimal and inaccurate information source can lead to feelings of inadequacy, withdrawal, shame, and inappropriateness. Add to this the confusion of your sexual partner; it is a wonder that anyone is sexually fulfilled.

Because sex is intimately connected to how we feel about ourselves - there is a direct connection between our sexual life and our ability to earn, spend and keep money.

Any form of sexual abuse or negative sexual experiences as an adult or child can dramatically affect one's productivity and sense of sexual well-being.

You will review your sexual history and clear any negative experiences, attitudes, and behaviors around sex. This allows self-expression, sensuality, connection, and freedom on all levels.

MODULE 7: Financial Clean Slate

One of the most emotionally charged areas of life is the subject of money and finances. The quality of our lives often depends on our knowledge, understanding, and relationship to money.

Many relationships and businesses fail due to misunderstandings and misalignments around money.
The dictionary definition of money states that it serves three primary purposes; a medium of exchange, a measure of value, and a store of wealth. However, most people have money mistakenly identified with security, survival, love, self-worth, control, and power.

These mistaken ideas and beliefs lead to behaviors and attitudes that get in the way of true success, prosperity, and living a Goldzone life!

You will clear your limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors around money, which leads to more choices in making, spending, saving, and investing your money to give you true freedom on all levels.

MODULE 8: Partnership Finances

It is often said that the number 1 reason most relationships fail is a lack of financial alignment and an inability to resolve differences around making, saving, spending, and investing money.

Most people lack the understanding of financial systems and how to create a partnership system for life that adapts to changes in lifestyle, earning capacity, and family needs over time.

Together, we will discuss each partner's financial needs and systems and implement specific tax, banking, and accounting systems that support each partner to get what they want now and resolve differences over the long term. The result is more financial harmony and, ultimately, more financial freedom! Money and finance became a fun game that both partners play!

MODULE 9: Self-Expression & Communication

One of the most critical areas of life is self-expression and communication. It is also the area that often contains the most trapped and suppressed Lifeforce.

Opening up our ability to express ourselves and communicate with anyone at any time about anything can raise our position on the OPTIMA Zones faster than almost anything else.

As a Leader, self-expression, and communication are essential to lead a team. Without self-expression and communication, it is impossible to communicate your vision to the people involved.

We are alive according to the level that we can express and communicate.

You will clear any areas where you are less than fully expressed or communication is inhibited. Communication includes; one-on-one, one-on-many, written, verbal, image, physical, energy, emotional, and spiritual.

MODULE 10: Career, Knowledge, and Mastery

Mastery in one's chosen career requires acquiring and applying the correct knowledge. Choosing a career aligned with your values, ethics, skills, and abilities is critical for success. Recent studies have shown that most of us will have multiple careers in our lifetime. This is very different from the careers of our parent's generation.

Coping with the pace of change and updating one's skills and knowledge are critical to attaining mastery and recognition. Many people embark on a career for all the wrong reasons and feel at effect - rather than at cause over their career choices. A person's advancement is often limited by their ability to communicate and accept other authorities. Past painful experiences with authority figures such as parents, teachers, bosses, etc., can create limiting beliefs and resentment. If these authority issues remain unresolved, we are challenged by the authorities above us and have difficulty becoming an authority for others.

Most people choose a career because of what they are good at - not because they love it! Choosing a new career, you love may mean developing new knowledge and mastery.

You will complete an assessment of what knowledge and mastery you currently possess and the alignment between this and your current career path. Any unresolved authority issues are looked at and completed so that you can totally claim your authority and embrace other people's authority.

MODULE 11: Health and Longevity

Mastery of your health and extending the length of your life are integral components of your personal wealth. There is a direct connection between what you think, how your feel emotionally, and your physical health, wellness, and vitality.

The higher you are up the OPTIMA Zones, the less disease and sickness you experience. When you get sick, you recover much faster than someone lower on the Zones.

You will complete an assessment of your health, level of vitality, genetic factors, childhood, personal habits, exercise, diet and nutrition, weight, emotional state, and beliefs around health & longevity.

Once you are clear about where you are currently, we will construct a plan to achieve optimum health and vitality in all areas. You learn how to become your own advisor and partner with your healthcare practitioners.

MODULE 12: Personal Leadership and Sovereignty

Leadership in today's experience economy and tomorrow's transcendence economy requires a new kind of Leader. Each region, country, or culture has a "group mind" that dictates your thinking and what is possible.

As a Sovereign Leader, you are separate from any "group mind" and are self-directed and self-governed. You operate within the law of the region where you are based; however, you work from an international, global point of view.

Personal Leadership at this level requires heightened beingness, havingness, freedom, creative expression, perceptivity, and responsibility for both sides of the game.

To operate at this level requires a complete understanding and awareness of the uses and abuses of power.

You will master the abilities of the New Paradigm Leader and clear blocks in the way of being a sovereign individual and Leader.

MODULE 13: Manifestation

There is a huge difference between manifestation and acquisition. Manifestation is a state in which time and space collapse into a different reality where the gap between conception and realization is extremely short and happens with little apparent effort.

Manifestation is the realization or expression of ideas, thoughts, or states of being and material things.

Acquisition is the process of physically acquiring materials, things, or abilities through the conscious application of effort over an extended period of time.

You will embark on a journey from acquisition to manifestation in all areas of your life. When you are in this state, you are constantly in the right place and meet the right people at the right time. You are in the FLOW, and everything requires less time, money, and energy than they would otherwise. This is the essence of the Goldzone.

MODULE 14: Dynamic Vision, Planning, and Alignment

It is impossible to design and live your ideal life or create an ideal business or relationship until and unless you have a clear picture of what you want it to look like. We call this a dynamic vision.

Your dynamic vision includes your purpose, mission, vision, goals, core values, standards, ethics, resources, and plans. Once your dynamic vision is in place, you need to ensure that all the elements, relationships, and people are in alignment and that you can effectively communicate your vision to get people enrolled and inspired.

You will participate in a dynamic process where you crystallize your vision, align your team or partners, and clear whatever blocks and limiting beliefs are in the way of realizing your visions, goals, and plans.

The OPTIMA Dynamic Planning System is comprised of 12 steps:

  • Crystalize your vision
  • Identify your present condition
  • Identify and resolve present-time problems
  • Resolve failed goals and paradigm crashes
  • Set goals (and exceed them)
  • Articulate your purpose
  • Create a strategic gap management plan
  • Identify Key Leverage points
  • Take action (implementation)
  • Measure progress
  • Make corrections
  • Record wins

MODULE 15: Business Leadership

As the founder, CEO, or Director of a business, you are responsible for the direction, resources, people, and the company's financial success.

Just as the Zones are a reliable predictor of human behavior, it is also a valuable measure of your organization's overall state. Your organization is the sum total of all the people within it and is a separate entity from you.

Once you are clear about what Zone your organization is operating in, you can form a plan to move it into the upper Zones and eventually the Goldzone!

Together we will integrate your dynamic vision, self-expression and communication, personal leadership, relationships, and financial clarity into your business context.

The ultimate goal of the program is for you to live, work and maintain your life in the Greenzone, Bluezone, and magical Goldzone.

Who Is It For?

The OPTIMA Program is for any high-performance individual or leader committed to living an optimum life in all areas. If you are serious about contributing to others, being all you can be, realizing your full potential, leading by example, and playing a giant, worthwhile, meaningful game... then this program is for you!

If you are comfortable with the way things are and are OK with mediocrity, do not want to push the envelope, and are content playing a smaller game... then this program is not for you!

This program is for anyone looking for a fast-track yet thorough route to their true self, authentic self, and full potential!

What Makes it Different?

The main unique factor about the Optima Program is that it was carefully designed to transfer unique knowledge and skills to each participant so that they may replicate the system in their personal lives. Great care is taken to select working environments that are abundant, peaceful, and congruent with the topic being covered. Sessions are intimate, and each participant has a curriculum tailored to their unique background and situation.

  • You are guaranteed the latest information, systems, and technologies due to our extensive ongoing R&D.
  • You are assured of the best solutions and outstanding ongoing support due to our international experience and global "best practices."
  • Previously unsolvable problems can now be solved through highly skilled and comprehensively trained teammates. You are always empowered to acquire long-term self-sufficiency through a comprehensive Knowledge Transfer (we hold nothing back)
  • High-Performance is assured through a fully integrated approach - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical learning. You will love working with us - !!

When & Where

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  • Live in-person sessions are conducted in a Four Seasons hotel or resort environment.
  • Follow-up sessions are conducted online via Goldzone's Interactive Digital Classroom.
  • Session size is limited to facilitate group discussion, exercises, and active participation.

Your Investment

There are three packages to choose from:

  • Starting at $695

Outcomes You Can Expect

  • A feeling of relief, lightness, and freedom.
  • Increased mood level.
  • Increased joy, pleasure, and sense of humor.
  • Increased ability.
  • Heightened awareness and increased aliveness.
  • Cognition’s, realizations, and Aha’s.
  • Increased Mastery.
  • Heightened connectivity and resourcefulness.
  • Improved performance, success, and accomplishments.
  • Increased problem-solving and creativity.
  • Recovery of love, connection, and intimacy with family, former mentors, and others.
  • More passion and vitality.
  • Increased knowledge and ability to learn, study and concentrate.
  • Decreased disease and sickness.
  • Increased prosperity.
  • Increased memory.
  • Improved ability to communicate, inspire and motivate.
  • Increased ability to confront previously unpleasant situations or people.
  • Heightened perception, awareness, and truth.
  • Reduction in unwanted, situations, sensations, and feelings.
  • Increased attractiveness and appreciation of beauty.
  • Increased ability to handle complex projects and visions.
  • Increased ability to make, spend and keep money.

Transform One or All Seven Vital Areas of Life, Career, and Business:

1. Money

Mastery of your finances includes monetizing your passion, building your wealth, assets that grow independently, and cash flow to do everything you want to do. Never worry about money again.

2. Business

Owning and investing in businesses offers the most significant upside leverage while minimizing the downside. Add value, monetize, and scale your passion into a money-making machine that works without you.

3. Relationships

The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your relationships. Transcend power struggles. Create your ideal relationship: love, intimacy, connection, partnership of equals.

4. Career

Work is more than earning a living; it should be a profitable vehicle to express our passions, creativity, and self-expression. Since we spend more than 42% of our time working, it should meet our spiritual needs.

5. Health

Vibrant and regenerative health is your birthright. Living as long as possible in optimum physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Abundant energy and resilience to sustain you all day.

6. Self-Expression

Discover who you are on the inside, your unique voice, and bring this person out and shining to express your natural gifts to the world—authenticity, art, creativity. Your lifestyle is a reflection of who you are.

7. Leadership

It is about leading yourself and influencing others to take the desired action, galvanizing around a shared vision, and inspiring others to step up to the leadership challenge.

Personal Leadership is the foundation of successful living.

You will learn how to create and articulate an Ideal Scene, align your partnership or team, and magnetize them into action.

Most people's lives are fragmented. Would you like to live a more integrated and holistic life with no compromise? Would you want your life to be happier, healthier, and stress-free? The OPTIMA Program helps you do it step-by-step.

Your Program Leader

When Harrison speaks, people listen. A riveting, and memorable public speaker and a master communicator.

Andrew John HARRISON

Co-Founder of the Goldzone Group, Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator, and Patron of the Arts. Harrison's quest for the best of life has taken him to 54 countries. Harrison created this program to give success-minded leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors a fresh perspective!

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What is My Investment?

The OPTIMA Program offers you a rare opportunity to get what you want faster and to enjoy it more when you get there. 

Your Registration Includes: 

  • 2-Day Program (20 hours), Workbook, and Program Materials. Valued at $2,592.
  • 3 x 3-Hour Implementation Sessions. Valued at $1,296.
  • Comprehensive Pre-Attendance Package, Personal Discovery and ZONE Analysis to begin my program and customize it to my unique situation. Valued at $250.
  • Full OPTIMA Zones of Peak Performance System. Valued at $500.
  • 45-minute Post-Program one-on-one Vision Session. Valued at $188.

You will also receive a Certificate of Completion.

$4,826 of value for just $3,888 (You Save $938)

Select your preference from the following three options.

Select a Transformation Package:

Easy-Payment Package

Includes the 2-Day OPTIMA Program. Valued at $4,826.

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Go-For-GOLD Package

Includes the 2-Day OPTIMA Program. Valued at $4,826.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

One Payment


You save $938

The FAST-TRACK Package

Includes the 2-Day OPTIMA Program. Valued at $4,826.

Plus 10-Hours of one-on-one OPTIMA Executive Coaching. Valued at $5,000.

One Payment


You save $2,938

Program Sponsor

This program is proudly sponsored by Singapore Leadership Systems Pte. Ltd. We are passionate about your success.  

Your greatest luxury is time. We offer unsurpassed personal services that allow you to focus on what is important to you; imagining your ideal life, visualizing innovative products, services, and business models, aligning your teams and infusing passion into your organization.

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  • Office Address: Goldzone Leadership Center - Singapore | Level 17, Frasers Tower, 182 Cecil Street,
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  • Phone: +65-6956-9222


What is Comprehensive Design Science?

Design science is a new paradigm for viewing and changing the world. It involves the application of the principles and latest findings of science to the creative design and implementation of solutions to the problems of living. It is a way of recognizing, defining, and innovatively solving complex problems, formulating goals, and the systematic path of reaching the goals.

It takes a whole systems, global, anticipatory, and regenerative approach that fosters creative collaboration and synergy in the development of optimum solutions.

Design science is a process where individuals and teams of people can “make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone” - R. Buckminster Fuller

Making the world work for 100% of humanity reflects Fuller’s global perspective as well as his values. We are not here just to make ourselves rich, famous, or top consumer of the day or decade, or here just for the 5% living in our part of the world; we are here for all humanity.

The OPTIMA Program uses the principles and methodology of design science and applies them to develop optimum strategies for the solution of personal, partnership, and team problems.

The problem solving and strategic design and planning process is based on the following “big picture” assumptions and design protocols:

1. Whole world. The whole world is now the relevant unit of problem-solving; problems need to be seen from a global perspective.

2. Long-term. The long term is the framework in which we must operate; given this perspective, prevention, rather than treatment or cure, is the logical and most economical option.

3. Think Comprehensively. Framing problems in their widest possible context helps see upstream interconnections and causative factors that can impact downstream problems and options.

4. Everybody wins. Solutions with winners and losers are not sustainable.

5. Transparency is key. Solutions that don’t make their assumptions and true costs and impacts visible to everyone are not sustainable.

6. Capacity, not problems, is the focus. We need to see “problems” not as something that needs to be “solved,” but as a symptom of something larger—the need to enlarge the capacity of a system; we need to focus on creating wealth, not just reducing poverty.

7. Needs as markets. The world’s needs are real or potential markets; problems are unmet needs that can often be met through creative products matched to the real needs of real people; poverty is a mandate for design and entrepreneurial innovation and creativity, not just government intervention and paternalistic imposition of top-down “solutions.”

8. Design replaces politics. The design sees what is needed, not what is just expedient or politically easy, and figures out how to make it happen; design starts with a vision of what is needed, not what is popular; it seeks to find or design an artifact that solves a problem or builds the capacity of a system in such a way that the source of the problem is eliminated.

9. More with less is the design ethic. Getting ever-higher performance out of every gram of material and erg of energy invested in every function performed by our human-made life-support is critical to making the world’s limited resources meet the needs of our growing population and to reducing our impact on our environment.

10. Biology replaces mechanics. Viewing the world as a living system fosters respect for a problem’s complexity, an awareness of the context or environment in which it is embedded, and the possible solutions that can result in strengthening the health of the system and the elimination of the problem.

11. Development, not growth is our goal. We need to transform society, not just enlarge it.

12. Respect Gestation Rates. Everything has its own gestation rate, and working with these is essential, whether it is the growth and development of a technological option or societal change.

13. Scalability is essential. If a solution to a problem or a product or service for a market cannot be scaled up from the prototype stage to widespread adoption and use, it is stillborn.

14. Look for the trim tab. Small and strategically placed interventions can cause large-scale and profound change; find the design leverage points where a small amount of change can bring about large impacts.

15. Preferred state planning. What we want and where we want to be in ten years is more important than what the problem is right now; the vision of the ideal is more important and powerful than reacting to what is thought possible given current limitations; perspective adds opportunity, vision drives action; resources follow the vision. The design science process begins with a vision statement of where we want to be. This vision of the preferred future is based on and informed by an ethical view of what should be, and then transformed through comprehensive design into an economically compelling solution. 

* Based on the works of R. Buckminster Fuller and as expressed by Medard Gabel.