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OPTIMA Coach is the Coaching and Consulting division of the Goldzone Group (established in 2000). Goldzone Group Companies operate across a diverse range of industries including; Financial Services, Design, Enterprise Software, Hospitality, Professional Services, Consulting, and Education.

Based in Los Angeles California, we work with individual and corporate clients worldwide.

Individual clients include high-performance individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, business leaders and CEO’s. Corporate clients include high-growth companies, small, medium and multinational enterprises.

Our focus is on developing and delivering high-performance tools, strategies, know-how, and systems that enable clients to reduce their operating costs, dramatically grow their income and maintain or gain market leadership. For individuals, it’s all about personal leadership!

Our strategic focus is LEADERSHIP.

OPTIMA Coach delivers results to clients through the unique application of optimization technologies, software, and services that ensure sustained momentum over the long-term:

> Consulting Leaders > Training individuals and teams > Coaching individuals and teams > Delivering turnkey systems > Optimizing and fine-tuning systems to achieve optimum output and results > Performance enhancing software >

Our most precious assets are people, relationships, and time.

Leading a team of people in today’s highly competitive, technologically sophisticated and connected world is very different from what used to work.

Intangible assets such as people, know-how, systems, and intellectual property are valued at many times more than tangible assets. Traditional management training and methods have not caught up with the rapid technological changes.

A new style of leadership is required.

What is needed are courageous leaders who visualize innovative products, services, and business models that bring more spirit and meaning into peoples every day lives.

OPTIMA Coaches’ clients focus on infusing their organizations with passion and engaging the hearts, minds, and souls of the people working within their organization. For you, our goal is a fully optimized organization, an optimum life in all areas, and to be a passionate revolutionary who leads and inspires others.


Transform Your Results and Quality of Life!

Every person we have met has hidden assets and overlooked opportunities to develop their careers, relationships, health, business and quality of life.

An OPTIMA Coach is a highly trained and experienced specialist at working with clients one-on-one and with small groups to identify these assets and to capitalize on them.


  1. The best or most favorable outcome, point, degree or amount.
  2. The best result attainable under specific conditions.
  3. The most favorable or desirable.


  1. A person who trains and instructs an athlete, executive, entrepreneur, investor, couple, actor, musician or artist.
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