Executive Coaching

Everyone Relies on You.

What To Do When What You Know Isn’t Enough!

We all know that the pace of change is speeding up. More competition. More change. More challenges. More data. Less time.

Who do you go to for support? How do you resolve conflicts and upsets with colleagues? How do you balance your work life with your family life? How does the work you take home impact your family?

The gap between what you know you can deliver and what is needed causes ever increasing stress and pressure to perform at higher and higher levels.

Most executives bottle these conflicting agendas and emotions within themselves, causing additional stress and potential burnout.

The world’s best athletes, actors, and musicians all have coaches to fine-tune their performance, motivate them, keep them in check and in balance and provide a sounding board for ideas and problem-solving.

An OPTIMA Executive Coach can give you a competitive edge, sounding board and general counsel for problem-solving. Often traditional therapists, counselors, and psychologists don’t work for most executives, as their knowledge of business and organizations is limited. OPTIMA’s Executive Coaching Service is a very discrete support provided by experienced executives who are highly trained in leadership, coaching, business and personal development.

Clarity is Priceless

Working with an OPTIMA Coach is the #1 way to accelerate your progress to realize your goals in the shortest time possible. Clarity is that sense of confidence you get from knowing you are on the right track and the certainty that no matter what happens you will succeed.

Here’s How It Works

Your Coaching starts with a questionnaire you complete from the comfort of your home or office. The Personal Discovery and ZONE Analysis begins your program and customizes the coaching to your unique situation.

Your coach will review your results and arrange your first session. This is typically 2-hours to discuss your expectations, your questionnaire, and any present time problem areas that need addressing first.

Next, you will work on your plan, which includes a Vision, Goals, and Action Items.

Your subsequent sessions are typically 90 mins to 180 mins where you work on different aspects of your plan. Our focus is on implementation, bridging gaps, and resolving anything that is in the way of your success using Goldzone’s Clean Slate process.

In between sessions, you take action daily, record your results, and check in with your coach for any ad hoc support or questions. Often your coach will give you personalized exercises, reading lists, and general activities.

Sessions are conducted in person or from the comfort of your home or office via Goldzone’s Interactive Digital Classroom, where you meet via the internet with voice, video, dynamic presentations, screen sharing, and whiteboard. Sessions are recorded for later review. 


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