Typically the groups range from 10 participants up to a maximum of 33.
The OPTIMA program is an interactive and highly tailored process.  The information covered is not available in any book, manual or seminar available today.  Also, reading a book will give your mental knowledge - whereas this program works on all levels ensuring you get it and retain the lesson for a lifetime.
It's difficult to measure your return on investment on a program like this, however, if you are able to improve the quality of your life by ten times... what is that worth?  If you can double or quadruple your ability to make, spend and keep money... what is that worth?  Here is an example: Let's say you currently make $100,000 per year and after participating in an Optima Program your income doubles to $200,000 - and you invested $100,000 in Diamond Fast-Track Membership (click here for details) then your return on investment over one year would be 100%.  Results may vary from person to person.
The system has worked many times before and is well tested and proven.  If you would like to speak with an Optima Program Graduate, just let us know and we will connect you with one as near your location as possible.
We are not associated with any form of religion and have clients come from various races, religions and cultures.
Yes, in fact, we recommend that partners, spouses, and teams participate together.  Results are more rapid and the program is more effective when people go through the entire system together.
Once you have paid your program fees, the only other cost is your travel (if any,) food and accommodation. Depending on the program venue there may be a meeting package involved.
The minimum fee for one OPTIMA Program session is $3,888.  The more sessions you commit to the lower the overall cost is.  Please refer to the Membership Options by clicking here.
The three-day sessions are conducted in resort environments that are conducive to the subject or module being covered.  For example, when working on a relationship - a romantic, beach resort is used and when working on finances and wealth - an abundant, exclusive villa or mansion are used.
The only prerequisite to joining is that you must have a basic understanding of Lifeforce and the Optima Zones - and be in good physical, mental and emotional health.  If you have a history of mental illness, then this program is not suitable for you.
If you are looking for a breakthrough in your results in a specific area or you know that you have trapped Lifeforce and you are willing to do whatever it takes (legal, ethical and moral) to improve your life - then the Optima Program is for you.  If you are finding that no matter how many books you read, or seminars you attend - you just don't seem to be able to get the results you want - then this program is for you!  If you are tired of cookie-cutter training or large impersonal seminars or ineffective coaching - then an OPTIMA Program can help you!
The Optima Program is a highly specialized, tailored and intimate cross between a seminar, coaching session, unlearning session, interactive process and expansion exercise.  The system is comprised of fifteen standard Modules that are put together into a customized, three-day intensive session or sessions.  The combination is unique to the individual depending on your situation.  Pre-session email or phone coaching, post-session implementation support and coaching, plus integration time make the Program extremely effective. The number of sessions required to graduate from the Optima Program varies from individual to individual.  Several of the Modules may require more than one session in order to complete that piece.  For example, if a person has had long term financial difficulties, they may require multiple three-day sessions to complete this area alone. The process begins by identifying which Optima Zone your major areas of life are in today, and how you want these areas to look in 12 months time.  Then a unique, customized Program is designed that identifies which one area will give you the most improvement in the shortest period of time and the process begins to move you up the Zones area by area.  Because it is a system, results are predictable and relatively consistent.
The Optima Program is one of the most advanced and comprehensive personal development systems available in the world today.  It is a formal system of Lifeforce Recovery and Enhancement that is comprised of a series of modules. This is the fastest and most direct route to identify and recover areas where your Lifeforce is trapped and you are living at less than optimum.  The Program includes ongoing methods of enhancing your Lifeforce and improving your quality of life in all areas.