Founders’ Coaching

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Money is the lifeblood of the entrepreneur. Whether it is raising capital, buying or selling a business, taking your company public, cash flow, taxes or personal investing — financial opportunities and challenges are never far from our minds.

Typically small businesses are underserved financially. Banks won’t lend, and Venture Capital firms won’t bother if you are too small, outside their focus industry, or don’t meet their other criteria.

Today, more than at any other time in history, small and medium business owners are able to access capital and investors directly from the market – bypassing third parties, Investment Bankers, Angel Investors, and Venture Capital investors.

Founders’ Coaching is an ideal service for business owners and executives to successfully fund projects from $3,000,000 to $30,000,000.

When a start-up or growth project requires funding, most executives attempt to meet their capital needs through increased sales and better financial management. These methods may work with slow-growing companies that do not have ambitious plans. However, they do not work for high-growth companies that have aggressive growth plans.

Think of it like this. If you have a small Cessna aircraft on the runway, with a small crew and a handful of passengers, you don’t need a lot of fuel. On the other hand, if you have a 747 on the runway, with a plane full of passengers and crew, on a round-the-world flight, then you need lots of fuel to take off, fly, and continue on your journey. The faster you go, the more fuel you need!

The faster the company grows, the more capital it needs. There are many examples of companies that had adequate capital when they were small, however, as growth picked up and they became more and more successful, the capital needs outstripped the supply!

When cash flow management methods fail, most executives turn to traditional sources of financing. Advice is sought from accountants, lawyers, friends, and family. Unfortunately, most of these advisors, while well-meaning, do not have an adequate understanding of private capital markets, the risks, and more importantly the opportunities!

There are more sources of capital than most people realize!

Most investors and professionals are familiar with public capital markets. Very few understand private equity and the private capital market. Valuation methods used for large corporates as taught in your average MBA program is not applicable to small and medium-sized company valuations.

Public markets are very efficient at serving the needs of large corporations and high-growth start-ups that have Venture Capital backing. If you are a software or biotech company with an exciting future, competitive advantage and a game-changing product, Venture Captial investors may be very interested.

For the majority of small and medium businesses, public capital and venture capital is not an option. This leaves the private capital market as their only option. If that sounds depressing, it isn’t! With private equity, you get to include whomever you want, maintain control, and do things exactly as you envisioned without any outside expert or investor telling you what to do!

Financial & Investment Advisory

Leverage our expertise for a one-off 90-day advisory and consulting, to 12-months comprehensive projects that can run multiple years or until the project goals have been met.

Most company founders and their teams have questions about capitalizing their businesses.

We have answers to these questions and more:

  1. What’s the Vision?
  2. How much capital do we need, where do we find it, what’s the plan, and how do we execute it?
  3. How do we value the company?
  4. How do we know we are not giving the company away and undervaluing it?
  5. How do we develop a capital structure and plan?
  6. Do we offer capital gains or cash flow returns?
  7. What is the exit plan?
  8. Who is our ideal investor?
  9. How do we manage investor expectations?
  10. Who is on the capital team?
  11. What legal compliance do we need?
  12. What offer documents and presentations do we use?
  13. What is the best investor presentation format?
  14. How do we find investors and what do we say to them?
  15. What systems do we use to track conversations, follow-ups, team alignment, and exceed our goals?

OPTIMA Founders’ Consulting is a step-by-step process that includes consultation, coaching, planning sessions, alignment meetings, communication strategies, training and implementation support.

OPTIMA’S 16 Step Founders’ Consulting Process includes:

  1. Present Time Analysis.
  2. Vision Crystallization Process.
  3. Ideal Scene Articulation.
  4. GAP Analysis.
  5. Executive Team Alignment.
  6. Dynamic Planning, goals, and milestones.
  7. Capital Structure, plan, and valuation.
  8. Capital Team formation and alignment.
  9. Ideal Investor Profile and Strategy Development.
  10. Implementation Plan.
  11. Legal Compliance.
  12. Business Plan, presentation, and offer document preparation.
  13. Communication of Implementation Plan.
  14. Training and Alignment of all levels.
  15. Implementation and ongoing support including, pre and post investor presentation debriefs, team alignment, statistics, and tracking.
  16. Midcourse Corrections and Realignment.


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  • The best or most favorable.
  • The most sustainable.
  • The most flow.
  • The GOLD STANDARD against which everything else is measured. The best of the best.
  • The highest possible state of optimization in any given area of LIFE, CAREER, BUSINESS or LEADERSHIP.
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The Optima Program is one of the most advanced and comprehensive personal development systems available in the world today.  It is a formal system of Lifeforce Recovery and Enhancement that is comprised of a series of modules. This is the fastest and most direct route to identify and recover areas where your Lifeforce is trapped and you are living at less than optimum.  The Program includes ongoing methods of enhancing your Lifeforce and improving your quality of life in all areas.

Sessions range from 1 to 2 hours depending on the focus of the session.

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