Who is On Your Team?

by Andrew John Harrison

The difference between the leader who struggles all the time, has no free time, is surrounded by drama solving crises after crises and the leader who appears to have lots of free time, makes more money each year and seems to have the golden touch — is the team that they are a part of.

You are only as good as your team!

And your team isn’t limited to your employees. Who is on your board of directors? Do you have a formal board of advisors? Do you have a personal mentor or coach? These are people who will tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear.

Unless you are willing to be surrounded by people who expect more of you than you do, you will have people telling you what you want to hear and confirming that you are right — when you may be wrong.

Your team can also include your suppliers and customers.

If you aren’t part of a winning team — then you are working too hard.

The leader of the company is the key person whose vision, energy, drive and enthusiasm (or lack of it) is the vital element, Lifeforce, and driving force behind the company and everything it does. A change at the top is reflected throughout the organization.

For most leaders, the responsibilities, fast-paced work environments and constant challenges create a lot of stress and pressure to perform at higher and higher levels.

Who do you go to for support?

Who do you go to when there are conflict and upsets with colleagues? How do you balance your work life with your family life? How does the work you take home impact your family?

Most leaders bottle all these conflicting agendas and emotions within themselves, causing additional stress and potential burnout. The world’s best athletes, actors, and musicians all have coaches to fine-tune their performance, motivate them, keep them in check and in balance and provide a sounding board for ideas and problem-solving.

Likewise, an executive coach can provide you with a competitive edge, sounding board and general counsel for problem-solving. Traditional therapists, counselors, and psychologists don’t work for most leaders, as their knowledge of business and organizations is limited.

Optima’s Executive Coaching Service is a very discrete support provided by experienced former executives who are highly trained in leadership, coaching, business, and personal development.

Give Yourself a Quantum Leap

No matter how successful you are today, there are always higher levels of success and fulfillment possible. Perhaps you have excelled in one area of life and are motivated to extend this success to all areas of life without compromise? An OPTIMA Coach can help you get there faster!

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