GOLDZONE Advocate Program

If you are passionate about helping people and wish to make an extraordinary income at the same time, join our Advocate Program today!

The GOLDZONE Advocate Program is one of the most generous commission based programs available today. Simple to use, and easy to join.

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An Advocate is a person who speaks, promotes, fights, persuades, and influences on behalf of another. For example, a Wellness Advocate promotes the concept of a healthy lifestyle, general wellbeing, and happiness.

Any person who is passionate about a product, cause, or idea becomes an advocate for that which they are passionate.


Advocacy begins with what moves you, what you are passionate about or an area you know most about and see the most opportunity in. Once you have chosen a core area of advocacy, familiarize yourself with Goldzone’s client solutions, which focus on the seven core areas:


Advocates refer clients to GOLDZONE and receive a commission for every sale that is made through your site or ours. Sales can be made personally, or via a text link or banner placed on your website, social media post or email. When a client clicks through and makes a purchase, you receive a commission. The more sales you make, the higher commission tier. Your Advocate Membership includes tracking tools, notification of offers, special deals, coupons, and promotions.

You can join the Advocate Program as a part-time or full-time advocate. Make money in your spare time, or help people as a career. It’s up to you!

There is no investment up front, no overhead, no employees, no ongoing expenses or fees. You can send emails to your database, or post to social media using your unique links. You can put in more effort if you have more aggressive income goals, or simply sit back, relax and allow us to support you and your clients while your commissions are paid automatically!

You can send your friends, contacts, and colleagues links to our free educational resources with links to acquire products or services should they be so inclined. You can invite people to our free seminars and if they become a client, you get paid for everything they do!

In summary, all you do is to advocate for what you are passionate about, and get paid for it!

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Commission for the first tier begins at 10% and scales up to 35%. Commision is paid on all purchases made by your client for a period of 183 Days! (Cookies are used to track the initial and subsequent sales.) The client can visit our store or your website and you will receive a commission for any purchase made within 183 days of their initial purchase. Payments are made to you automatically.

We are confident this is one of the most generous and profitable programs of its type!

GOLDZONE Advocate Commission Tier Table:

Advocate Sales From: Advocate Sales To: % Commission $ Earned  TOTAL $ Earned
$1 $3,888 10.00 $388.00 $388.00
$3,888 $7,500 12.50 $451.50 $839.50
$7,500 $12,500 15.00 $750.00 $1,589.50
$12,500 $25,000 17.50 $2,187.50 $3,777.00
$25,000 $50,000 20.00 $5,000.00 $8,777.00
$50,000 $75,000 22.50 $5,625.00 $14,402.00
$75,000 $100,000 25.00 $6,250.00 $20,652.00
$100,000 $150,000 27.50 $13,750.00 $34,402.00
$150,000 $200,000 30.00 $15,000.00 $49,402.00
$200,000 $250,000 32.50 $16,250.00 $65,652.00
$250,000 $500,000 35.00 $87,500.00 $153,152.00


* Our best clients invest $200,000 in their education and services over a two-year period. It takes 7 ideal clients in order for an advocate to make an income of $200,000 a year.


All Advocates have access to a suite of tools via their personal dashboard to track their sales, commissions, access banners, links, etc. A built-in messenger app enables you to communicate with us directly and in real time! Easy.


Comprehensive Advocate Training is available via the Advocacy Accelerator Program, where we meet weekly on a Monday evening for 3-hours. Sessions are conducted at 7:00 pm UTC +8 via GOLDZONE’S Interactive Digital Classroom from the comfort of your home or office.

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If you are looking for a life of serendipity, extraordinary, magic, and memorable moments, GOLDZONE can help you get there, faster! Personal Leadership is the difference that makes the difference in all areas of life. Since we lead every day in every area, we might as well be good at it!

Goldzone Education researches, develops, and produces leading-edge, transformational, educational programs and services for leaders. Goldzone’s curriculum of programs and services utilize revolutionary technologies that guarantee an immediate and significant improvement in results.

Based on more than 30 years of extensive international research, development and exploration including travel to 500 cities in 54 countries, producing over 400 seminars and working with more than 40,000 individuals and organizations, the Goldzone team has identified the critical success factors that enable some people to be more successful financially, mentally, emotionally and physically than others. We deliver this information – as a system – with the promise of lasting, life-long change.

Typical clients include; executives, investors, authors, artists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, directors, businesspeople, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants etc. You are in good company.


Apply to join GOLDZONE’S Advocate Program today and accelerate your income, influence, and ability to inspire people to take positive action that transforms their lives, careers, relationships, health, and businesses!

There is no fee to join and your commission starts immediately! Partnering with GOLDZONE will be one of the most profitable, fun, and rewarding decisions you will ever make. Registration is fast and easy. Simply complete the form below: