Become an OPTIMA Coach

by Andrew John Harrison

If you are interested in joining the OPTIMA Coach team you are in the right place. On this page, is everything you need to know! Full-time and part-time opportunities are available now!

Today more than ever, successful executives and professionals are attracted to the freedom and career potential of becoming a coach. A new short course or weekend seminar seems to pop up regularly offering a fast-track to certification. For many, just a few hours or weekends of training is enough to become certified and start working with clients.

I don’t know about you. For me, I am not going to trust my health, career, relationship, or money to an advisor, coach, or consultant who did a weekend or even a few months of training!

Would you go to a brain surgeon and feel comfortable having them open up your head with a weekend certificate? Of course not!

Elevate Yourself to the World’s Best!

At OPTIMA Coach we pride ourselves in delivering the finest coaching and consulting services available anywhere. In order to deliver a bold promise, we put our coaches through the most rigorous training and certification program that lasts at least 12-months, and for many, multiple years. If you want to be the best, an extraordinary effort is required.

Because of the pace of change and the accelerating acceleration, coaches are expected to upgrade continuously.

SUCCESS comes as a result of training.

By developing EXCELLENCE in yourself, you establish a framework to create excellence in others.

You lead by example

Join the OPTIMA Coach team, shift your paradigm, and expand your horizons, enabling your to compete with today’s leadership and coaching elite!

Want to Make an Extraordinary Income? Don’t be Ordinary!

The world is awash with human resources, wannabe coaches, and lone ranger consultants. According to Payscale, the median income of an Independent Coach is just $3,833 a month and the median income of an Executive Coach is $7,500 a month. Sure, some make more than that. Many make way less.

At OPTIMA Coach, we expect our coaches to make 2 x to 3 x the industry median monthly income due to our business model. What’s more, you can earn as you learn!

Join a Championship Team of Coaches

We are looking for coaches to work with our clients. If you have always wanted to venture into a new career and have considered becoming a coach, perhaps now is a good time.

Individual clients include; high-performance individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, business leaders, and CEOs. Corporate clients include; high-growth companies and small, medium, and multinational enterprises.

A typical coach can make from $10,000 to $25,000 a month. If you want to make more, amounts up to $66,000 a month are possible for highly motivated individuals. See below for details.

The actual amount depends on your specialty, how many clients you choose to take on, and how many hours you want to work. It doesn’t matter if you have experience as a coach. Regardless of your experience, you will need to go through OPTIMA Coach’s Training and Certification Program.

Based on your professional experience and preferences, coaching opportunities are in the following areas:

OPTIMA clients sign up for packages of 10 hours for $2,500 to $5,000 which includes one-on-one coaching, personalized exercises, Q&A, and ongoing support using the OPTIMA Zones of Leadership, technologies, and processes.

If you love to help people succeed and are passionate about giving back, adding value, and want to be part of an extraordinary team, we invite you to read on for your next steps.

The OPTIMA Coach Business Model

Our business model is comprised of a four-way partnership between the Goldzone Organization, OPTIMA Coach (us), and individual professional coaches (you), and clients.

The client relationship is maintained by Goldzone, and the coach delivers coaching services to Goldzone clients as well as their own locally sourced clients.

1. The Goldzone Organization

Delivers intellectual property and distributes it worldwide through local partners and Relationship Managers who provide an extremely high level of client intimacy and engagement.

2. OPTIMA Coach 

Provides sales, marketing, payment processing, systems, coaches’ training, and ongoing support services.

3. Individual Professional Coaches

Delivers the service to clients and support them with ongoing coaching and recommends educational programs to further develop the client.

4. Happy Clients

Our client relationships are the foundation of our success. Attracting, retaining, and being of service are what it is all about. We exist to serve our clients.

OPTIMA Coach Makes it Easy!

Being a successful coach isn’t easy. OPTIMA Coaches’ unique business model solves this problem so you can focus on doing what you do best; coaching clients and earning income. We research, develop and publish the intellectual property, and systems, run the infrastructure, collect receivables, run the business, and even source clients so you don’t have to!

Yes, you will make more money and have a greater impact if you actively engage in sourcing clients. However, it’s even better to do this together!

Most coaches have these challenges:

1. Differentiating yourself. The market is crowded with coaches of every persuasion. Go to any event and you will be inundated with coaches looking for business. High standards, premium fees, and unique services are what you want!

2. Operating as a business owner. Most coaches work as a sole proprietors because they don’t want the expense of running a limited liability corporation. There are many advantages to being a part of a business.

3. Sourcing unique intellectual property. Don’t resort to what most coaches do; steal it from others. When you steal from one person, it opens the door and gives permission to others to steal from you! Besides, what is the cost of stealing? You would be just like everyone else and worried about being found out. This is why most coaches just regurgitate the same information that is available everywhere.

4. Finding clients. It isn’t the best coach who wins. It is the best marketing that attracts the best clients. Marketing starts with the business model, services, curriculum, and coach. How about attracting clients to you so you never have to worry about cash flow again!

While writing this list, we put together the below graphic to give you a better understanding of what makes OPTIMA Coach so unique!

How Do You Make Money as an OPTIMA Coach?

As a coach, you are paid via what we call a 3 x INCOME Accelerator:

  1. The delivery of individual coaching services ($120,000 to $300,000 a year).
  2. The delivery of group coaching services. For example Goldzone’s OPTIMA Program ($120,000 to $300,000 a year).
  3. As an OPTIMA Coach, you become a member of GOLDZONE’S Advocate Program. Offering the most generous sales commission on any Goldzone product and services you enroll your client in (up to $200,000 a year)*.

Review the Advocate Program > here

With the generous 3 x compensation package, you make money from individual services (no leverage), and you make money from leading group sessions (leverage), as well as the sale of additional Goldzone services (residual leverage).

* Our best clients invest more than $200,000 in their education and services over a two-year period. It takes 7 ideal clients in order for an Advocate to make an income of $200,000 a year.

How Much Income Can You Expect To Make?

Based on the above examples and the 3 x INCOME Accelerator, you can expect to make between $120,000 and $800,000 per annum. The actual amount you make is dependent on your skills, commitment, and how hardworking and focused you are.

Here’s How it Works

Clients select packages, register and pay for their services through Upon receipt of registration, if the client is new to coaching, a coach is allocated. If they are an existing client renewing or updating a package, their coach is notified.

OPTIMA Coaches’ Registrar sends a welcome email, and pre-coaching questionnaires, and follows up on any administration. 

For many of our existing clients, there is a full-time Relationship Manager who works with the client long-term to support their ongoing development progress. We have one of the highest Lifetime Value of a Client in the industry (exceeding $200,000) and provide a very high level of client intimacy,

As an OPTIMA Coach, you would either work with one of our Relationship Managers or be trained in Relationship Management and provide this service to your clients.

Here’s the Money Exchange

Your client makes payment directly to, typically via credit card. Once payment has been received, you receive payment weekly in arrears for any coaching and fees from the sales of services in the previous week.

OPTIMA Coach deducts an administration fee, and Relationship Management fee, and remits the balance to the Coach. Should the coach be their own Relationship Manager, they receive the Coaching fee + the Relationship Management fee.

The benefit of this approach is that coaches can concentrate on coaching. No hassle with collecting or processing payments or administration. You will make more money being your own Relationship Manager, however teaming up with another Relationship Manager enables you to work as a team and focus exclusively on coaching – and not sales!

Training & Certification Requirements

There are two options available to join the OPTIMA Coach Team:

1. Associate Membership

If you are an existing coach with certification or experience utilizing alternative coaches training, you may join OPTIMA Coach Associate Membership for an annual fee of $3,333. You will be listed on as an OPTIMA Associate Coach.

Should you wish to participate in additional Coaches Training and support services from OPTIMA Coach, you may do so on an ad hoc basis.

As an Associate Member, you can begin to make an income right away!

Learn More

2. Coaches’ Academy Membership

If you are new to coaching or wish to develop your skills and competencies further, OPTIMA Coaches’ Academy is a $25,000, 12-Month Membership that includes a year of support, nine-days of live training spread over three weekends, twelve x 3-hour live digital sessions conducted from the comfort of your home or office.

As an Academy Member, you can begin to make an income right away!

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OPTIMA Coach Will Transform Your Career

1. Access the world’s best!

By becoming an OPTIMA Coach Member, you gain access to the world’s most advanced leadership curriculum and proprietary coaches tools and systems that are second to none.

2. Build a leveraged, scalable income

Most coaches only make money from delivering hours for dollars. With OPTIMA Coach’s unique business model, you build a 3 x income accelerator that includes scalable and leveraged income.

3. You become a partner on a winning team!

It’s about partnership, cooperation, and team. You become part of a like-minded community of coaches, service professionals, educators, and business people who are committed to making the world a better place for everyone.

4. Earn income while you develop your skills

Whatever career you are currently engaged with, there is no need to quit – until you are ready. You can become an OPTIMA Coach Member, start your training, earn an income to pay for it, and continue your current career and income until you are ready to transition full-time. You choose.

5. Optimize your income!

Goldzone’s products and services tend to be at the top end of the market, commanding premium prices. In exchange, clients demand results and are willing to pay for it. Your income reflects this! You optimize your income by choosing how much and how often you work. That’s freedom.

6. Learn, unlearn, and relearn

You are helping others to clean the slate; to learn, unlearn, and relearn. How could you do this for them and not benefit from the same tools, systems, and methods! You will learn more, develop new skills, and fly!

7. Build lifelong client relationships

Due to our high client retention, and intimacy, we build relationships for life. Investing in relationships is the best business investment you can make.

8. You stand out!

You are more than a coach. You are a member of a leading professional service organization that has clients, and extensive products and services.

The OPTIMA Coach Advantage

Who is OPTIMA Coach?

OPTIMA Coach is the Coaching, Consulting, and Seminar division of the Goldzone Group (established in 2000). Goldzone Group Companies operate across a diverse range of industries including; Financial Services, Design, Enterprise Software, Hospitality, Professional Services, Consulting, and Education.

Based in Los Angeles California, OPTIMA Coach works with individual and corporate clients worldwide.

Individual clients include high-performance individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, business leaders and CEO’s. Corporate clients include high-growth companies, small, medium and multinational enterprises.

Our focus is on developing and delivering high-performance tools, strategies, know-how, and systems that enable clients to reduce their operating costs, dramatically grow their income and maintain or gain market leadership. For individuals, it’s all about personal leadership.


  • Not the maximum.
  • The best or most favorable.
  • The most sustainable.
  • The most flow.
  • The GOLD STANDARD against which everything else is measured. The best of the best.
  • The highest possible state of optimization in any given area of LIFE, CAREER, BUSINESS or LEADERSHIP.
  • The state where everything FLOWS and is EFFORTLESS.
  • A person who is fully-realized, self-actualized and living the DREAM in all areas.

The Optima Program is one of the most advanced and comprehensive personal development systems available in the world today.  It is a formal system of Lifeforce Recovery and Enhancement that is comprised of a series of modules. This is the fastest and most direct route to identify and recover areas where your Lifeforce is trapped and you are living at less than optimum.  The Program includes ongoing methods of enhancing your Lifeforce and improving your quality of life in all areas.

Sessions range from 1 to 2 hours depending on the focus of the session.

Let’s Get Started Today!