Clean Slate

by Andrew John Harrison

What is a Clean Slate?

The term Clean Slate means that you can start something again, without prejudice and all of the problems caused by you or other people in the past will be erased and won’t impact you going forward.

The below presentation will give you a better idea of what a Clean Slate process is and how it works.

How Do You Do a Clean Slate?

There is no action that can produce a clean slate in a single action. Typically, it takes a sequence of steps, otherwise known as a process. When you repeat the process, the sequence or system will produce predictable and consistent results. If you miss a step or do them in the wrong order, the results may vary or it may not even work.

To do a Clean Slate Process, a dynamic query is conducted as a series of questions. These can be done with a coach or on your own. When you enquire and answer the questions on your own you are being coached by the Author of the Clean Slate Process. This works well because you can do it in your own time, at your own pace. Having said that, it is always more effective to enlist the support of a qualified coach to support you to complete and integrate the process fully.

If speed is of the essence for you, a coach can utilize their knowledge to fast-track your results!



1.  GOLDZONE Primary Needs Clean Slate

2.  GOLDZONE Relationship Clean Slate

3.  GOLDZONE Forgiveness Clean Slate

4.  GOLDZONE Help No Help Clean Slate  

5.  GOLDZONE Passion & Purpose Clean Slate

6.  GOLDZONE Monetization Clean Slate

7.  GOLDZONE Havingness Clean Slate

8.  GOLDZONE Leadership Clean Slate

9.  GOLDZONE Failed Goals Clean Slate

10.  GOLDZONE Unsolved Problems Clean Slate

11.  GOLDZONE Vision, Mission & Purpose Clean Slate

12.  GOLDZONE Communication Clean Slate

13.  GOLDZONE Health & Vitality Clean Slate

14.  GOLDZONE Financial Clean Slate

15.  GOLDZONE Responsibility Clean Slate

16.  GOLDZONE Sexual Clean Slate

17.  GOLDZONE Parenting Clean Slate

18.  GOLDZONE Business Leadership & Partnership Clean Slate

19.  GOLDZONE Career, Knowledge & Mastery Clean Slate

20.  GOLDZONE Personal Power & Sovereignty Clean Slate

21.  GOLDZONE Money & Wealth Clean Slate

22.  GOLDZONE Partnership Finances Clean Slate

23. GOLDZONE Power, Sex, & Money Clean Slate

24. GOLDZONE Dynamic Plan Clean Slate

Anchor in your wins. Celebrate success, because as we all know: Success leads to success! Here’s to more freedom, success, joy, and happiness!

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