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We are Looking for Consultants, Seminar Leaders, and Coaches

If you are a coach or an aspiring coach and you have been searching for an international group of like-minded leaders to collaborate with, share, learn, brainstorm, mastermind, support and to be supported… then this membership is for you.

The unique combination of the latest and most relevant knowledge, context, your own work, plus consultations, interactive sessions, live trainings, and follow up implementation support ensures you will realize the optimum benefit from your membership.

Typical OPTIMA Coach Clients

Individual clients include; high-performance individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, business leaders, and CEOs. Corporate clients include; high-growth companies, small, medium, and multinational enterprises.


  • Not the maximum.
  • The best or most favorable.
  • The most sustainable.
  • The most flow.
  • The GOLD STANDARD against which everything else is measured. The best of the best.
  • The highest possible state of optimization in any given area of LIFE, CAREER, BUSINESS or LEADERSHIP.
  • The state where everything FLOWS and is EFFORTLESS.
  • A person who is fully-realized, self-actualized and living the DREAM in all areas.

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