Ng Lee Siang

Ng Lee Siang

I love technology, nature and sharing with people what I am passionate about.

I used to hate talking to people, Because I don’t know how to handle them. So I chose a job that involved machines rather than humans. At the same time, I am very curious about human behaviour, why we behave the way we do and what makes us tick.

I heard about Goldzone in November 2005. After attendeding their 2-hour introduction, I registered for the 3-day Goldzone flagship event. Soon after that, I became a member of their 12-month Leaders’ Academy. Wow, it was an unpredictable journey for me. The experience flowed so smoothly that the next thing I knew, I was working as an IT Manager with Goldzone’s Singapore partner.

My past working experience includes IT Trainer, Helpdesk Support Specialist, IT Desktop support, System Administrator/Lotus Notes Administrator, IT Consultant and Customer Service. I am now the Operations Manager with Global Leadership Systems Pte Ltd and also Director with Violet Technology Pte Ltd.

Over the years, I had attended most of Goldzone’s programs. My biggest learning is relating to human behaviour. How our behaviour as human are molded from our past experience and also what we unconsciously learned from observation since born and a lot more. Since then, I had overcome the phobia of talking to people. My self-expression had been transformed since then.

Dealing with machines, I learned the Hard skill, dealing with people, I learned many Soft skills. I would like to combine both the Hard and Soft skills (just like balancing between the YIN and the YANG) that I know to share with others.

I feel grateful and humble that I can apply what I have learned and share in coaching. This has been a dream come  true!